Adam Glascow Cup
Wanganui Camera Club
May 2012
Set of six digital images

2. Old Warehouse

A-S6-1-The Old Warehouse

A-S6-2-The Old Warehouse

A-S6-3-The Old Warehouse

A-S6-4-The Old Warehouse

A-S6-5-The Old Warehuse

A-S6-6-The Old Warehouse

We are transported back a hundred and thirty years in these beautifully observed and composed images. There is variation to keep the observer interested but a unity of tones, lighting and subject matter to tie the images together as a set. Was this photographed in Oamaru.

Maybe they could have been presented more powerfully with the highlights lowered and with more contrast. And maybe the out-of-focus stairs and chair could have been sharpened or re-photographed.

Highly commended.