Adam Glascow Cup
Wanganui Camera Club
May 2012
Set of six digital images

4. Southland Coastlines & Inhabitants

1 Otago Peninsula

2 Dunedin coastline

3 Dunedin low tide

4 Little blue eyed penguin

5 Moeraki boulders

6 Ulva Island

I've never seen pictures of this coast before. You have taken me to an enchanted land with them. The way those blues and green merge and blend is magic. The subdued lighting puts us in a twilight world, halfway beteen reality and our imagination. With a little editing these would make great calendar photos.

Editing could remove the disconcerting tilt in the low tide and Moeraki boulder images. With some photoshopping, you could select the under-exposed Moeraki boulders, and bring up some visible detail on them. The very bright flash reflection off the penguin's breast could be toned down and the rocks behind it brightened.

It is not clear where the penguin fits into your story. Pictures 1, 2, 3 have us on a late afternoon walk along an inland ridge above a harbour, and suddenly we encounter a penguin. On the ridge?

Changing the sequence to something like this would help the viewer. "4 Ulva Island, where penguins are found, 5 a little blue eyed penguin, 6 The penguins head out to sea past these Moeraki boulders."