Adam Glascow Cup
Wanganui Camera Club
May 2012
Set of six digital images

9. Celebrating vintage

Celebrating Vintage 1

Celebrating Vintage 2

Celebrating Vintage 3

Celebrating Vintage 4

Celebrating Vintage 5

Celebrating Vintage 6

These are nice snapshots that show the diversity of features of a festival celebrating travel a century ago; cars, travelling costume, trains, traction engines and steamboats.

Many people have their back to the camera in these images.

The photographer has us looking over their shoulders to see what they see. This tells me that the photographer could be a quiet, unassuming person.

I could tell you to be bold, to go up to people who are dressed up and ask them to pose for you face-on. But I would rather you stayed true to your nature, and went quietly looking for other onlookers to photograph. I would love to see your over-the-shoulder shot of an old man looking at young people, a down-at-heel teenage boy looking at a couple in a smart car, a policeman looking at gang members, parents watching their young sons playing Saturday morning soccer, a young mother looking at her baby etc.

More cropping and editing each image will focus viewers' attention on its highlights. Click to see my editing of your images here.