Adam Glascow Cup
Wanganui Camera Club
May 2012
Set of six digital images

10. Virginia Lake babes

1 Pekin ducklings

2 Eurasian coot chick

3 Cormorant (Pied Shag) chicks

4 young gosling

5 Mute Swan cygnets

6 Mallard Ducklings

This is a perfect sequence for a slide show lecture. Sharp, contrasty photos, vivid colours and varied compositions.

You catch you audienc's attention in the first image with the formation swimming and the odd-man-out, then a complete contrast of colour with the coot, while the nest is the prominant feature of those older shag chicks. A sturdy gosling with a bug in its mouth, fluffy swans and you close with the ordinary common mallard ducklings made remarkable by the relfection of that blue sky.

Only in the cygnet photo is there a lack of strong colour. Would a polarizing filter have brought out more of the rich deep green of the waterweed under them? And an image of the baby shags at a younger, fluffier stage would have made this set perfect.

Highly commended.