Adam Glascow Cup
Wanganui Camera Club
May 2012
Set of six digital images

11. Alpaca shearing

Alpaca 1

Alpaca 2

Alpaca 3

Alpaca 4

Alpaca 5

Alpaca 6

I love shearing as a subject for photography. I first got my desire to take photos when I worked as a rousie for a couple of weeks. This is good competent coverage of a little-known variation of the shearing scene. And it is a recent event, not old photos dug out for the competition.

The first image with the simple apricot background is eye-catching, and well-balanced. The 2nd image suffers from having that grey board across the top. Maybe you could have had a wider shot here, to show the whole set-up?

The 3rd image is well-lit despite shooting into the sun, and shows interesting textures. Image 4 is a good overall picture of the procedure but could have been improved by a fill-flash, or by a having someone hold a white-painted sheet of plywood (or by the photographer wearing a white lab-coat) to reflect sunlight. The close-up view of the finnicky process of shearing the tail in image 5 nicely contrasts withthe wide-angle image 4. And we finish with a sheepish alpaca being stared at by one of his mates. Is the 5 degree tilt of the photo deliberate?