Adam Glascow Cup
Wanganui Camera Club
May 2012
Set of six digital images

14. Drat my shoelace







At a rodeo, nearly every rider falls off, so getting images of a fall is easy. But some falls are more spectacular than others, so you had to work hard photographing every ride to get a dramatic sequence like this, where the girth rope is tangled around the rider's boot, keeping him attached to the enraged bull.

We are all left guessing, did the rider escape before getting trampled? Did the clowns have to fight the bull to draw its attention away from the rider? We tend to shoot on automatic at these events, taking our finger off the shutter as the rider hits the ground. If you notice an unusual situation developing, hit the shutter button again.

This is an exciting sequence even if somewhat lacking in technique: a little over-exposed, with blurry fast movement. You will easily improve this with practice: raise your ISO, shoot at a much faster speed, tone down the bright background with photoshop. But much more importantly, your eye for action is excellent. Keep going for those fascinating, fleeting, difficult episodes, with footballers, basketballers, skateboarders, stock cars, kapa haka etc. Some photographers take technically perfect photos, but only of very easy subjects.