Po Whakangahau

June 27, 2009

1. Overview

2. Entertainment

3. Otaihape people

Kia ora,

My thanks to the komiti for inviting me.
I did enjoy the good company, the great entertainment, the gourmet food and the wonderful photo oportunities.
My apologies for not having some photos here as good as others.

This is how to print photos from the thumbnail images in the folders.

1. click on the thumbnail to get a postcard-sized image
2. click on a postcard to get a large image.
3. drag each large image to a folder in your document file.
4. With an upright portrait image, flip it sideways before sending it off for printing

These large images are 2100 x 1500 pixels in size. This is enough to print 7 inch by 5 inch photos at 300 dots per inch.

You can print these images on your printer, or get high quality photos online or from a shop.
I upload my images to a husband and wife team in Dunedin.
Their work is high quality, cheap and quick.
They print 7 x 5s for only 40 cents each, plus postage, and the photos are couriered to my front door the next morning.
You need a credit card.

If you want to print photos bigger than 7 x 5, I have some even bigger image files.
If you need more help, just phone me, John Archer, 06 387 6993.