These lovely young people on their OEs landscaped my neighbourhood and carried my pack up Ruapehu.

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Jan 2015 - Cedrine et Bertrand de Toulouse such wonderful meals! Valentin above Blyth hut
Marion et Theo de Bordeaux They carried my pack to Blyth hut chopping firewood
Cesar from Spain carved my love-heart for Lynn We went to Dreadnought Mill : 5 Star Dreadnought workshop : 5 Star
Dreadnought dining room : 5 Star an alpine meadow on Ruapehu Michaela and Wilmar planted Amazonia vulcanologist Michaela
Emmanuel from Nantes P'ggy and Nikki cooked great Chinese food at the Tree of Life
Hapuwhenua viaducts Oct 2015 - Daniel from Korea at the headwaters of Waitonga stream below Mt Ruapehu skifield
The route of our mountain hike Axel from Phloemeur, Fr Bush-bashing lnto Mangaiti hut Big Martins from Latvia
Ultra-marathon practice to Ruapehu crater lake Daniel from Taiwan guided me to the most remote part of Mt Ruapehu
July 2016 - Jeremy et Marion : Jeremy, Marion tying up transplanted trees. Hong from Malaysia : Hong on the Old Coach Road
The greenhouse builders : Yoann, Hugo Hugo et Yoann : Yoann, Hugo, Hugo, Yoann Benni und Isabell Tidying Bindi's garden
Visiting Angel's garden Clearing John Brugh's driveway John and Kyla from Pennsylvania heading for Blyth hut
Austin (USA) and Bradley (Scotland) landscaping the rock wall our first, rough LOTR costumes on the Tongariro Crossing Facundo y Agustin d'Argentina
Eva was our housekeeper At Gollums pool Eva, Facundo and Agustin at Wanganui Jorge planting up Bindi's shrubbery
on the Tongariro Crossing Romain with logs Romain was Frodo.jpg My greenhouse after the storm
Repare par Nicholas et Laurie The greenhouse is now better than ever! Gandalf, Strider, Frodo and Arwen : Gandalf on location at Mangaturuturu
May 2017, Julia und Mara.jpg M - J up Mt Ruapehu Sara und Paul Paul as Gandalf
Chihiro and Makoto Stacking John Brugh's firewood visiting Paul Dekker's workshop Emma as Turiel
LOTR fans at Gollum's pool : Adam, John Archer, Emma Emma (France) and Adam (Sweden) at the Rocks Adam and Emma cleaning the stream Grit und Ricco auf der OCR : Ricco, Grit
Sept 2017. Michael + Ignacia On the Rimu Walk Amandine the hedge-warrior Amandine the mountaineer
Matthieu killing weeds Cora-Lynn + Laura-Sophie at the Carrot Park November evening at Ohakune
Jake near Blyth Hut Jake mowing yet another lawn King Gianluca - Princess Leona Gianlucca planting trees
Leona's Orc mask Mandi made Aragorn's shirt Madisongiving me a French lesson Mandi Marlo - Maddi
Hannah made Aragorn's jerkin Big Julien (Belgium) Julien  + Hannah