PICK-UP RIDERS 24 March 2007
John Archer
10 Pearce Place, Waiouru, New Zealand. Phone 06 387 6993

A perfect pickup.

Jeremy Mallalieu and Jason Heitana ride on converging paths to box in Andrew Jamieson's bronc.




With the bronc boxed in, Andrew can lean over behind Jeremy.

Jeremy then pulls back on the reins to slow his horse so that Andrew can slide safely to the ground.

Click on the thumbnail images to view the sequence in full size.





A pickup goes wrong.

Jeremy is slowing here, and the bronc rider should be sliding to the ground. But click the thumbnail picture to get a bigger picture where you can see the stirrup has twisted around the rider's leg.

As the bronc galloped ahead, it was still connected to its rider's leg. This caused the bronc to swing around in front of the pickup horse, flipping that horse's front legs and causing it to roll sideways. Jeremy rolled clear, but the horse rolled over the bronc rider, injuring his shoulder.




A good one-man pickup

This was photographed on Sunday