Snow Queen fashion show
Kings, Ohakune
3rd Sept 2011
The Snow Queen is a fairy story by Hans Christian Andersen that tells of the struggle between good and evil as experienced by a little boy and girl, Kai and Gerda.

With the aid of an evil troll, Kai is taken by the Snow Queen to her palace at the North Pole. When Gerda goes looking for him, she flees from an evil witch's rose garden, is helped by a prince and princess, is captured by robbers, and then is befriended by a little robber girl and her pet reindeer.

Gerda eventually rescues Kai because her sweet and innocent heart is more powerful than all evil. The warmth of her heart melts the troll's ice splinters and Kai is released from their icy grip.

When the two children return home, it is now changed to summer there. They find that they have changed too; they are now beautiful and loving young adults.

Here is how our local dress designers interpreted characters from this story.